About Red Pen Tool

Intuitive on-screen marking, annotation and assessment tool for teachers.

The Red Pen Tool provides an intuitive means for teachers to mark, annotate and add assessment notes to student work digitally – just like you are used to doing on paper!

No need to install any special software - Until now, when assessing student work electronically, you must have installed on your computer the actual software application that the student used to create the work in order to actually view the work. All you need to use the Red Pen Tool is a Flash plug-in. The Red Pen Tool then automatically converts the student coursework into a Flash readable file format which teachers can access automatically.

Teachers can add notes or comments, indicate where in the work that a learning/assessment objective has been met, assign marks in the margin, highlight sections of the student coursework – just like teachers already do now on paper.

The original student coursework is not altered – All teacher comments, notes and annotations appear on a separate transparent layer that sits on top of the original student work.

Teachers can share their comments and the marked work with their students electronically via the Red Pen Tool.

How does this work?

  1. Sign up and login in to the Red Pen Tool.
  2. Create your assessment criteria (e.g. learning objectives) against which you would like to mark.
  3. Upload your students’ work
  4. You then have access to the individual student work files, via the Red Pen Tool interface which will allow you to:
    • See how many pages in total the file is and where in the file they are (e.g. page x of y)
    • Add notes or comments anywhere in the file.
    • Highlight words, phrases or entire sections.
    • Drag and drop assessment criteria into the file to show exactly where a student has met a particular objective.
    • Review the work to see where a particular learning objective has been met.
    • Provide a cumulative mark of the work based upon the teacher’s chosen grading scale.
  5. Once you have marked the work, the marks and annotations are automatically shared with the student via email.

Our Red Pen Tool includes the following functionality:

  • Automatic Flash-based file conversion of any work that is going to be marked;
  • Only requires a PC or Macintosh computer with a standard browser, internet connection and a Flash plug-in;;
  • Teachers can annotate the work, add comments at specific points, add notes anywhere, and highlight sections;
  • Teachers can drag and drop assessment objectives/learning outcome statements onto the exact place in the coursework where this has been evidenced;
  • Teachers can then review the work to see where each learning objective has been met;
  • All annotations/comments/notes/marks appear on separate transparent layers over the top of the original work;
  • Students will automatically receive a copy of their marked up work via email when the teacher saves the file;
  • The Red Pen Tool is now available with MAPS to all existing and new customers. For more information, please click here;
  • The Red Pen Tool can be integrated into any VLE or Learning Platform. For more information please click here.

> See a demonstration of the Red Pen Tool